Where to Get Good Tea in NYC

Where to Get Good Tea in NYC

Finding good tea in any city can be a challenge, but New York City is blessed with more than a few must-see places. All of the tea spots on this list have been visited and reviewed by me personally. I’ll be continually updating this page as I explore all of the tea that the city has to offer.


You might be surprised to find that there is more bubble tea than anything else in Chinatown. I’ve still got a couple of places on my to-do list though.

Ten Ren – Lafayette
Wing on Wo

East Village

The East Village definitely has the greatest concentration of tea places. You could spend the entire day doing a tea crawl just in this neighborhood (and I often do!).

29B Tea House


Physical Graffitea


Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company

Té Company


T Shop


Harney & Sons



Ippodo (closing soon, but looking to relocate)

Upper East Side

The Lowell

Upper West Side

Alice’s Tea Cup – Chapter I

Floating Mountain


Bellocq Tea Atelier


Aside from dedicated tea places, third-wave coffee shops are often a good alternative. Many of the cafes in the city serve loose-leaf offerings from In Pursuit of Tea.

There are also quite a few hotels that offer afternoon tea service. I haven’t gone to many of these so I definitely recommend checking out what Jee at Oh, How Civilized has to say.

Are there any tea places that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Where to Get Good Tea in NYC


  1. Does Bubble Tea actually qualify as a Tea Drink?

    I’m not partial to the black tapioca globs, but every Bubble Tea I have had has been overly sweet with a burnt milk-y flavor as well. Tea seems to have been the least considered part of the concoctions.

    Are they an acquired taste?
    How long does it take to acquire a taste?
    Or it does just depends on the drinker?
    Which stores chains have “better” Bubble Tea?

  2. You have omitted perhaps the largest Oriental Neiborhood in NYC:
    Flushing, NY in the borough of Queens.

    Yelp Tea Rooms in Flushing, NY (eg Fang Gourmet Tea)
    Yelp Mini Malls in Flushing, NY (eg New World Mall)
    Yelp Chinese | Korean | Japanese Restaurants in Flushing, NY.

  3. This is a great post Nicole! You captured most of the locations I go to for tea in New York City. From what I have seen Nohohon Tea Room has closed down a year or so ago, wondering what’s going on for other places. It’s tough for small businesses at the moment. Wishing them the best, we need them!

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