Review Policy

Review Policy

Please read this policy before sending a request to submit samples. Thank you!

-I primarily review tea but I’ve reviewed everything from music, documentaries, and books to pillows. If it is related to tea then I will likely be interested.

-Acceptance of gifted samples does not in any way guarantee a published review. I am unable to provide a timeline for publication.

-Gifted samples will be declared as such in all content, as required by law.

-Gifted samples become my property and will be utilized as I see fit.

-Tea for Me Please focuses on unflavored specialty teas (Camellia Sinensis) that are directly and transparently sourced. Please consider this before submitting a sample.

-All product reviews state my honest opinion, regardless of whether or not the item is gifted. Brands are not allowed to review or change content prior to publication.

-Content and images produced around a gifted sample are my property. They cannot be used without express permission. If you would like to license images that I have produced, please reach out to me directly.

If all of this sounds good, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected].