Review Policy

I write this blog simply because I love tea. I do not make an income from it but I review so much tea that sometimes it can feel like a job. That being said, I’ve laid out my review policy below. Please read this before sending a request. Thank you!

-I primarily review tea but I’ve reviewed everything from music, documentaries, and books to pillows. If it is related to tea then I will likely be interested.

-Acceptance of samples does not in any way guarantee a published review. I am also unable to provide a timeline for publication.

-Tea for Me Please focuses on unflavored specialty teas (Camellia Sinensis) that are directly and transparently sourced. Please take this into consideration before requesting a review.

-I am honest and give every tea/product a fair shake. If I don’t like your tea, my review will say so. I do not accept money or any other form of payment (other than the tea itself) for reviews.

-Please let me know ahead of time if your tea is time-sensitive or seasonal. I usually have the blog pre-written several months in advance so don’t worry if you don’t see your review posted right away.

-Tea reviews are written in a set format. Each post includes a product picture and a link to the product page on the vendor’s website. Please do not ask for additional links or information about your company to be included. Each review discloses if the tea was received for review purposes.

-I do not write about or recommend products that I have not personally used. Please don’t send me press releases expecting a write up without any prior knowledge of your product!

-I do not promote or post about crowdfunding projects unless I have direct ties with the operation. Please do not send emails or social media messages requesting that I do so.

Please note that I am not accepting any new samples at this time!

If all of this sounds good, feel free to shoot me an email at