Fellow Corvo EKG

Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle

I’ve admired Fellow’s line of kettles ever since seeing the stovetop Stagg model for sale at Teavana. Talk about aesthetics! The designs were so sleek and modern. This company seemed to be mostly immersed in the coffee world so I never thought much about giving them a try. For years I had been using my trusty Breville the Tea Maker. That was good enough to get me through tasting over 1,000 teas for this blog over the years. That being said, I couldn’t resist when Fellow offered me a snazzy new electric kettle to try.

I have to admit that I was skeptical but after a few months of using the Corvo EKG, my old reliable Breville was relegated to the office. It’s still boiling like a champ after over a decade but this kettle is definitely a better fit for my current tea habits. Gooseneck kettles are trendy with a lot of gongfu drinkers but I’m actually not a fan of that design. The slow pour and potential heat loss are both downsides that don’t apply to this particular model.

The design of the Corvo EKG is surprisingly minimalist. Switches on the back make it easy to switch from Fahrenheit to Celcius and to turn off the hold function. A dial on the front is the on/off switch as well as temperature control. All you need to do is select your temperature by turning the dial. Pressing the dial for 2 seconds activates the built-in timer. The LCD display is easy to read but not overly brought.

What I Love About This Kettle

-No plastic components: The base is plastic, which makes it lightweight, but the kettle itself is entirely made out of stainless steel.

-Super quick boil: This is definitely the fastest electric kettle that I’ve ever owned

-Great pour: The handle is weighted in way that makes this kettle a dream to pour. I don’t have any trouble pouring into even my tiniest teapots.

-Reliable temperature hold function: It is always helpful to have a tea kettle that holds temperature well. The Corvo EKG does a great job of holding any temperature for a full 60 minutes.

-Secret video game: You read that right. This kettle has a secret video game called Wormy. Best product easter egg ever! Shoot me a message if you need help unlocking this fun-ction. 🙂

Things I Would Change

-Audio Indicator: I hate obnoxiously loud kettles but I do like to have some sort of reminder that the water has reached temperature. I sometimes find myself getting distracted and then having to reheat once the 60-minute hold has expired.

-Larger capacity: This definitely isn’t a deal-breaker but transitioning to a kettle that only holds 3 cups of water took getting used to. For serving groups and larger western-style brews, it would be nice to have a little more hot water ready. Thankfully, I also have a 4L Zojirushi at the ready.

-Make it compatible with international outlet voltages: I have so many friends in the UK and abroad that want this kettle but it is currently only available in 120v.

This kettle was sent to me with no strings attached. A blog post about has still been long overdue. Thank you to Fellow for introducing me to my new best friend!

Have you tried the Corvo EKG? What is favorite electric tea kettle? Tell me about in the comments below!

Corvo EKG Electric Kettle provided by Fellow.

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