Brew Lab Tea Honey Bear

Country of Origin: not listed but presumably South Africa
Leaf Appearance: small, reddish brown
Ingredients: rooibos, vanilla, caramel
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 212 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic teacup and mesh infuser
Liquor: deep reddish brown

I’m not usually a fan of rooibos but every once in a while I come across a flavored one that I find really enjoyable. This blend was sweet, creamy and comforting. The base rooibos was earthy and unobtrusive, letting the other flavors really shine. Vanilla and caramel are a great pair and I love the way that they combined here. The flavoring wasn’t overdone or artificial tasting. It’s a perfect before bedtime sip because it does not have caffeine. No sweetener is necessary but you could add a touch of honey if you were so inclined. Some people do enjoy milk or creamer in their rooibos and I think those people are crazy. It’s just not heavy bodied enough to warrant that. +Brew Lab Tea lists this as a kid friendly tea and I can definitely see it going over well with little ones.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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