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    Viva Las Vegas! World Tea Expo 2016

    I’m super excited to be making my third trip to +World Tea Expo this year. 2016 will different for a few different reasons. The show has been held in Long Beach, California for the last two years. Although I enjoyed getting a few days in California, it’s excited to travel to somewhere new. Las Vegas should make for a very interesting time. As always, I’ll be sure to report everything back here once I return home. My non-tea drinking boyfriend is joining me this year. I’m excited to introduce him to my tea friends from around the country (and world). I don’t think Jason quite knows what he’s in for though. Maybe this is just…

  • Tea Journey Magazine

    Tea Journey: Exactly What the Tea World Has Been Waiting For

    I’ve been seriously studying tea for many years now and one of my biggest frustrations has been the lack of quality information in the west. While there have been some excellent books published recently I still find myself thirsting for more. Over the years I’ve poured through back issues of Art of Tea or struggled with Google translate more times than I can count. When I first heard rumors of a new magazine for serious tea drinkers I might have done a back flip or two. All I could think was, it’s about time! Needless to say, I’ve already subscribed to Tea Journey Magazine and taken a thorough look at the inaugural issue. The…