Creating Blog Swag with Sticker Mule

My logo has had a few different iterations over the years. They were not quite what I wanted them to be due to my lack of graphic design skills. Last year I redesigned the blog and decided that I needed a professional logo to go with the new look. I loved the result so much that I had the tea plant portion of it tattooed on my leg!

Ever since then I’ve been wanting to get stickers to use for giveaways and personalizing. There are so many places online that it was overwhelming. I ultimately decided to order die cut stickers from Sticker Mule. It was incredibly easy to upload my design and they emailed a proof for approval in no time. Shipping was free and they arrive within a few days.

I was still a little nervous about how they would come out because of the jagged edges. Thankfully they came out perfect! I was impressed with the thickness and quality of the paper. It was coated with vinyl and had an iridescent appearance that made them even prettier than I imagined.

Roll labels with my blog logo

These stickers have been perfect for personalizing everything from my Chromebook to the mini-fridge I use to store puerh. I have also used them for several giveaways on Instagram. My Chromebook goes just about everywhere, including a month of jury duty, and the sticker has held up with barely a scratch.

My first batch of stickers started running low so I took advantage of a recent promotion on labels. They came out just as nicely as the die-cut stickers did. I will definitely be taking these with me to the World Tea Expo and other festivals this year. If you happen to see me, say hello and mention this blog post. I’ll give you one!

I’ve got a few more projects in mind since my first two orders went so well. How cool would it be to be put vinyl decals on a gaiwan or glass teacup? Magnets, buttons, and acrylic charms would be fun too.

Click here to get a $10 credit with Sticker Mule!

Have you ever used Sticker Mule? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

My blog sticker on my mini-fridge pumidor

This post was written in collaboration with Sticker Mule. Opinions are my own.

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