Jade Spring White Tea

Nepali Tea Traders Jade Spring White Tea

Country of Origin: Nepal
Leaf Appearance: jade green with a large number of silvery buds
Steep time: 15 seconds
Water Temperature: 185 degrees
Preparation Method: glass gaiwan
Liquor: pale buttery yellow

One of my favorite things about writing this blog is being able to draw attention to companies that do good. Nepali Tea Traders is definitely one of them. They are committed to paying fair prices to growers and building a sustainable tea economy. A portion of each sale is reinvested to help the people and the country of Nepal. The quality of tea produced there has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. I’m excited to see what delicious teas the future holds.


If I had to guess what tea this was based on appearance alone, I definitely would have thought it was a green tea from Sichuan. The leaves were positively teeny tiny. They consisted mostly of whole bud sets covered in downy hairs. This is always a good sign for white tea. Those hairs coated the inside of my sample packet too. I brewed this tea gongfu style in my glass gaiwan. Those leaves are just too beautiful to hide!

Jade Spring White Tea leaves in a gaiwan


Jade Spring White Tea brewed up a pale buttery shade of yellow. The taste was subtle at first but that doesn’t mean that it was weak by any means. There’s a ton of complexity here. It was sweet and vegetal without being overbearing. All of those tiny hairs on the leaves wound up in the cup, giving it a silky smooth mouthfeel. Later infusions were intensely floral with a cooling and refreshing finish. Interestingly, my gaiwan lid had a roasted veggie aroma that was not present in the cup.

Have you ever tried Jade Spring White Tea? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Jade Spring White Tea sample provided for review by Nepali Tea Traders.

Nepali Tea Traders Jade Spring White Tea

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