Friday Round Up – August 31st through September 5th

Friday Round Up – August 31st through September 5th

There are a lot of really great tea blogs out there so I thought that I would start a new feature. Every Friday I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite posts from fellow bloggers across the globe.

Three Words: Japanese. White. Tea
+Geoffrey Norman of Steep Stories is always hunting down some sort of unusual tea. This time I think he might have found the holy grail. A Japanese white tea almost unheard of.

First Anniversary Tea
Tea blogger friend +Payton Swick recently celebrated his wedding anniversary with a backyard tea ceremony. Bowls of matcha and a special puerh sounds like a great day to me. Even the dog joined in on the fun. Congrats guys!

Mandala Tea “Heart of the Old Tree” 2012 Raw Pu’er Tea Review
I always look forward to +Charissa Gascho‘s tea teviews, in large part because of the adorable owls that pop up in every post. You know a tea is good when she says “I needed to take a big breath in between sips and then I felt super invigoratingly tea drunk. WOOOOOOO!”.

The Out Liar of Good Tea, or Your Big Zhong is Not Gay Enough
I’ve recently discovered a most unusual tea blog called Cwyn’s Death by Tea. It’s full of sarcasm and whit along with plenty of knowledge too. There are only a few posts so far but I’m already hooked.

Yunnan Sourcing, Featured Vendor
+Tea DB, otherwise known as the tea loving duo of Denny and James, is one my favorite video shows on YouTube. They also have a ton of great articles on their website. This week they did an interview with +Yunnan Sourcing that I really enjoyed.

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