Friday Round Up – October 5th through October 11th

Friday Round Up – October 5th through October 11th

NW Tea Festival 2014
The Northwest Tea Festival was definitely the place to be last weekend. I live on the opposite coast but lived vicariously through my fellow tea lovers. Steph’s Cup of Tea shared her experience as a speaker.

A Tealet Potlock
+Geoffrey Norman told the tale of a backyard gathering featuring team +Tealet and the teas of +Teaneer Suresh. The west coast kids have all of the fun! It sounded like an absolute blast and his description of the Nilgiri Puerh definitely has me intrigued.

What-Cha’s Kenyan Purple Bud Silver Needle
Speaking of unusual teas, my friends over at +Tea DB drink a ton of puerh and oolong on their show so it was interesting to see a change of pace this week. The Kenyan tea that I’ve had myself has been a mixed bag but it definitely seems like we’ll see some really cool things from this region in the future.

Tea Drinker: Souheki Mori
+Jason Walker of +Walker Tea Review wrote a feature on one of my favorite local tea people. I lovr that he kept it simple, letting her answers stand on their own. You might remember that I wrote about Souheki’s Chari-T class last year.

The Romantic Side of Tea or the Microsociology of Tea
I recently discovered the blog of tea sommelier Gabriela Prieto. Her post on the romantic side of tea echoes many of my own sentiments about that wonderful leaf.

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