Friday Round Up – October 12th through October 18th

Obsessed by Tea and How to Know
Cwyn’s brand of wit and sarcasm are just my cup of tea. This list definitely speaks to much of my life as an obsessive tea drinker. Especially the part at the end about having to pee…

Matcha Cornflake Clusters
+Bonnie Eng is at it again! This recipe had me drooling (and making a mental note to pick up some culinary matcha). I thought that the poppy seeds added a unique touch.

Teaity’s Quick Guide to Tea Certifications
There are so many tea certifications out there, its hard to keep all of those logos straight. +Teaity posted a really handy guide that clears everything up a bit.

A Complete Guide to Loose Leaf Green Tea
+Scott Anderson over at Tea Minded recently penned an incredibly thorough guide to green tea. I love how much effort to went into this post! He covered everything from the different grades of sencha to health benefits.

Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Recipe
I still haven’t tried making tea eggs but Tea Galaxy gave me some inspiration with this guest post from +MayKing Tea. I’m not a fan of hard boiled egg yolks but I’ll eat anything if you put tea in it 😛

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