Friday Round Up – September 28th through October 4th

Friday Round Up – September 28th through October 4th

Drinking Oolongs at The Mandarin Tea Room
Georgia blogged about her visit to The Mandarin’s Tea Room. This place has been on my to-do list for while and now I want to go there even more.

Music City Tea – Nashville, TN
Cody over at Oolongchaser recently stopped into another place I’ve been meaning to go to, Music City Tea in Nashville. I accidentally found this shop when I purchased a travel gaiwan set on Amazon.

San Francisco // Song Tea & Ceramics
+Jee Choe recently posted about her visit to +Song Tea & Ceramics in San Francisco. Why are all of the coolest places on the west coast? I’ve been a fan of their gorgeous Instagram for a while now. The pictures she snapped in their shop are beautiful too.

Drink Tea. Be Flavorful
If you haven’t checked out +Verna Hamilton‘s words of wisdom yet, you need to! They never fail to inspire and motivate me when I’m feeling down. They’re all tea themed of course 🙂

A Morning In Kyoto
François-Xavier Delmas is the founder of Le Palais des Thés. He’s been blogging about his travels around the world for years and I am an avid reader. His pictures are truly breathtaking. I especially love the posts about India.

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