Chicago Tea Garden Jasmine Scented Pu-erh Toucha

This tea was presented in the form of a compressed toucha wrapped in tissue paper. According to Chicago Tea Garden it contains the petals of the jasmine sambac, which is the night blooming flower traditionally used to make jasmine scented teas. I brewed this tea in a porcelain gaiwan with 212 degree water using four subsequent 30 second steepings. The liquor was a bright copper color and had a light floral aroma.
At first I was on the fence about this tea. At times it was a little too astringent but at others it was a nice balance between the sweetness of the jasmine and the earthiness of the puerh. The third infusion was the best of the four I did. All in all though it is a very decent selection, especially for a jasmine addict such as myself. The color and taste had hardly dissipated by the end of my session. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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