Boston Tea Company Pineapple Paradise

According to the Boston Tea Company, this blend consists of sencha green tea, pineapple, blue malva flowers, lemon peel, rose petals and natural pineapple flavor. The dry leaves were a lot to take in because of  all of the varied colors and textures. I found myself digging through the tin just to catch them all. The aroma wasn’t as fruit-loopy as I was expecting but I could definitely smell the pineapple and lemon. I steeped this tea in my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker with 175 degree water for 2 minutes.

This tea was fruity (of course) and had a slightly floral aftertaste. The star of this show was definitely the pineapple but it was much more mellow than I thought it would be. I was actually surprised at how much I liked this selection because I am not one for fruit teas or blends with too many ingredients. Somehow all of the ingredients managed to come together into a really great tasting end product. It was just as delicious iced as it is hot.  I would definitely recommend this tea.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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