Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tea Journeyman Satemwa White Antlers

Country of Origin: Malawi
Leaf Appearance: dark, twiggy
Ingredients: white tea stems
Steep time: 3 minutes
Water Temperature: 185 degrees
Preparation Method: glass teapot
Liquor: pale amber

Every once in a while I hear about a tea that I am dying to try and this one has definitely been one of those. I met the folks from Satemwa at World Tea Expo and was really impressed by how much they care for their staff. Unfortunately I visited at the end of the last day of the show so the leaves of this tea had been spent. As luck would have it, +Tea Journeyman Shop carries it so I was overjoyed to receive a sample. It is unusual in that it is from Malawi and because it is a white tea that is comprised entirely of stems. The taste was incredibly complex with dominant notes of honey and spice. There was also an interesting vanilla quality that lent a bit of creaminess. At first I was skeptical of the claim that this tea could be brewed five more times but it was really true. It maintained the aroma and flavor profile right up to the very end.

Satemwa White Antlers sample provided by Tea Journeyman.