The Tea Set Exceptional Exotic Oolong

I picked this tea up at the New York Coffee and Tea Festival because I fell in love with the smell. It was very pleasantly sweet without seeming artificial or overdone. The owner of the company was kind enough to mail a tin to me since they had run out by the time I got to their booth. The leaves were a mix of twisted leaves and twigs, very dark in color. The bits of coconut fruit were only discernable if I looked very closely but they floated right to the top once water was added. There were no directions from the manufacturer so played it safe by steeping this tea in boiling water for four minutes. The liquor was a deep amber color with just a slight hint of coconut in the aroma.

The taste of this tea fell short of what I was expecting. The oolong base was sweet and nutty, not great but OK. The coconut however was not really there. Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent tasting tea. It just wasn’t very coconutty. The second steeping turned out to be pretty much the same. I’ve had some excellent coconut oolongs before so I know that they can be done. I think the problem may be in the kind of oolong used. Most other coconut blends use a pouchong, which is a very lightly oxidized form of oolong that really lets the other ingredients shine. I probably would not recommend this tea.

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