Tea Places: Press Tea

You might remember that I was excited  about a new tea place that would be opening soon when I attended the New York Coffee and Tea Festival. +Press Tea  finally opened their doors and Jason and I stopped in a few weeks ago. It was a suddenly chilly night so we were happy just to get inside and drink something warm. The decor was chic and welcoming at the same time. I loved the comfy couch and fun pillows. The classic jazz soundtrack was relaxing without being sleepy.Who doesn’t love a little Louis Armstrong on a rainy Friday night?

It took us a few minutes to decide on what to order since I was a bit mired in all of the coffee terminology. The staff was friendly and helpful, eventually guiding me to order a Wild Himalayan black teapuccino with caramel. Jason ordered a Cape Town Caramel Macchiato. I was proud of him for trying something new and going outside of his comfort zone. Decadent, sweet and comforting are all words that I would use to describe both of our drinks. My Wild Himalayan was unbelievably chocolaty. I couldn’t believe how foamy it was. I’m not usually a big fan of rooibos but I took a sip of Jason’s drink and it was very good. We’ll definitely be going back soon to try some of their iced teas. I think that Press Tea will do very well because they are offer a unique product, very different from any of the tea places nearby.

You can find out more about this tea place here.

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