Tea Places: Sanctuary T

I had some time to kill in between jobs so I decided to grab dinner at Sanctuary T at 337B West Broadway. The space was relaxed and cozy. I’m a sucker for exposed brick. All of the staff were very pleasant and polite. The menu had a lot of interesting choices but I wanted something relatively light so I went with the grilled cheese sandwich. I loved that it was made with brie instead of plain old American cheese. Of course no grilled cheese is complete without tomatoes and bacon.

The tea menu was small but diverse. I chose the Lung Ching Super Fine, which was a dragonwell green tea. It was quite a large glass so I actually only had one throughout my entire meal. My sweet tooth always gets the better of me so I also indulged in an earl grey crème brûlée for dessert. Unfortunately I gobbled it all down before I remembered to take a picture but I did snap one of the very empty ramekin. It’s a little pricy but for the quality of the food I would say it is worth stopping by if you are ever in Soho.

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