Green Tea Socks

Tabio Green Tea “ITO EN” Sneaker Socks

I mostly review tea on this blog but over the years I’ve received everything from pillows to music CDs. Socks are definitely something out of the ordinary though! Tabio collaborated with ITO EN to incorporate catechins into the fibers of their socks. They are the largest distributor of Japanese green teas so they are the perfect partner for a project like this.

The basic premise is that the catechins provide an anti-bacterial effect that reduces odor. I skeptical at first but I actually did find a scientific study. Fabric dyed with catechins has a fairly high amount of antioxidant activity. The technology used is exclusive to ITO EN but it sounds like their method may be even more effective.

These socks are available in two shades of green and three different sizes. This is probably T.M.I but I have long toes so fit is sometimes an issue. Tabio’s green tea socks fit perfectly though. Part of me was hoping that they would smell a bit like tea but they do not. The fabric was fairly soft to the touch and the toe seam wasn’t bothersome at all.

Overall, they were very breathable and comfortable to wear throughout the day. Stinky feet isn’t something I usually have a problem with so I can’t really speak to that particular feature. The company contact who reached out to me did share that they wore them with motorcycle boots for an entire day without having any unpleasant foot odor.

$20 is a bit more than I would usually pay for a pair of socks but they are only a few dollars more than Tabio’s usual offerings. They are a Japanese company with a reputation for making quality products.

Have you ever worn something that had tea in the fabric? Let me know about it in the comments below!

Green Tea “ITO EN” Sneaker Socks provided for review by Tabio.

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