Tea GW Travel Pillow

Travel PillowsI’ve heard of pillows filled with just about everything, but tea? Tea GW is offering a line of pillows that are exactly that. According to the manufacturer the tea inside the pillows inhibits and kills bacteria in addition to stimulating relaxtion. They are also purported to to improve eyesight, calm the nerves and help alleviate allergy symptoms. Each pillow is covered in a removable zippered pillow case with an elastic strap that allows you to attach it to head rests of cars, airplane seats or chairs. The pillowcase is a great feature because it can easily be washed if need be.
The two that I received were filled with lavender and tie guan yin oolong teas. Both of them smelled amazing. Whether or not these pillows will work for you depends on your firmness preference. They are very firm, reminiscent of the trendy buckwheat pillows from a few years back. I tried them out on a long road trip as well as just lounging around at home and I really liked them. They made a great air freshener for the car too! The packaging for these pillows was absolutely beautiful. If you are looking to give a unique gift for a tea lover, they certainly fit the bill.

Tea GW Travel Pillow sample provided by Tea GW

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