Rishi Tea Tsuki Teapot

When Rishi offered a sample of this adorable pot I jumped at the chance. I have to say that it has become one of my go-to teapots. I adore the tiny size and freckled, opalescent appearance. The ash glazed that was used gives each pot a slightly different appearance. The shape of it feels wonderful in your hands and the spout pours beautifully without any drips. The mesh screen is one of the best working ones that I have ever seen. Not even the tiniest leaf particles could get through. I was able to fill up a yunomi so it makes a decent sized tea service for one. It is also perfect for gong fu brewing and just about anything else that you might want to do with it. It doesn’t hold heat which is good because it won’t turn delicate greens and whites bitter. This really is a lovely little pot and a great buy at only $20.00.