Rishi Tea Green Tea Chai

Country of Origin: not given
Leaf Appearance: very green, more lemon grass visable
Ingredients: Organic cardamom, organic Fair Trade Certified™ green tea, organic lemongrass, organic ginger, organic licorice root, organic black pepper and organic peppermint.
Preparation Method: boiled 1.5 cups of water and 1 cup of milk, added tea, simmered for 5 minutes and strained
Liquor: greenish off-white

I think that I might have liked this tea if I had not followed Rishi’s preparation recommendations. I just couldn’t get over the stomach churning combo of green and herbal teas with milk. The color of the tea post-steeping was also a really unappetizing greenish off-white color. The dominant flavor here was lemon grass, with licorice coming in as a close second. The peppermint added a bit of sweetness that was tempered by the pepper and ginger. On the plus side, the spices did clear up my sinuses a bit. If I come across this tea again, I will definitely have to try it sans dairy because that was the main issue for me. I love chai but this blend was just not for me.

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