Rishi Tea Fuding Silver Needle Grand Cru

Photo: Rishi Tea

According to Rishi Tea, this is a premium grade of white tea from the Northern Fujian region of China. It was picked at exactly the right state of immaturity and processed during the proper time of year. The leaves were long and broad in shape with very few broken pieces. They were covered in tiny downy hairs, giving them a silvery appearance. I steeped this tea in a glass tea pot with 170 degree water for two minutes.

At first I thought that this tea would be a little disappointing but the more I drank of it the more I was able to taste the subtle complexity. At first it was melon-like and slightly floral. As it cooled it actually started to taste more like squash, maybe butternut? I love it when a silver needle surprises me. This is one of the best silver needles I’ve had because of that. I would definitely recommend this tea.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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