Rishi Coconut Oolong

According to Rishi Tea this tea consists of Bao Zhong oolong and natural coconut flavor. I often wish companies explained exactly what is meant by that but I suppose that would give their secrets away. Bao Zhong is a lightly oxidized Taiwanese tea. The dry leaves were long and twisted with a dark and dusty appearance. I steeped this tea using my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker with 195 degree water for 4 minutes. The liquor was a brassy gold color. The base tea for this blend is wonderful. It is pleasantly fruity and floral while allowing the coconut to peak through. Typically we think of coconut as a sweet, candy-like flavor. That is usually artificially created though. This tea reminded me more of the natural, low key flavor of coconut oil. It may not be everyone’s thing but I love it. On the second infusion it was more easily discernable and a bit of toastiness also appeared at the end of each sip. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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