Canton Tea Co. Tie Guan Yin

According to the Canton Tea Co. this tea is a lightly oxidized oolong that hails from the Fujian Province of China and was harvested in Autumn 2009. The leaves were dark green and very tightly rolled. I made this tea in a porcelain gaiwan using 195 degree water and three consecutive 40 second infusions. The liquor was a light greenish gold color and had an aroma that was reminiscent of caramel.
The first infusion of this tea had a wonderful buttery vanilla quality. The second was sweeter and slightly more vegetal than the previous one. The third was the strongest of the three. The flavor profile was complex so it is difficult to describe but it reminded me very much of honeydew melon. The aftertaste really lingered in my palate after each sip. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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