Numi Organic Tea Signature Glass Tea Pot

I ordered this pot when I had just gotten started discovering tea. I originally ordered it to use for flowering tea but have since used it for everything from puerh to loose leaf blacks, greens and whites. It is a great looking pot and its elegant lines make it appear to be very delicate. In fact, my family started taking bets on when I would break it since I tend to be rather accident prone. It has proven to be very sturdy, easy to clean and versatile. The removable strainer is very convenient.

It holds just enough tea to have a cup for myself and a cup to share with a friend. However, it is a little short for some varieties of flowering teas. These blooms would definitely be better off in a taller pot. It seems that the pitcher style pots are more practical for this application. While a pot that is not made of glass would do the same job, I love how this one enables me to view the leaves as they unfold.

You can find out more about this teapot here.