Global Tea Hut June 2014 – Mi Xiang Oolong and Red Tea

I was really excited to dig into the June shipment from +Global Tea Hut because they sent an oolong and a red tea, both made from Mi Xiang leaves. Before I even opened my envelope I received an email from them letting me know that there may be an issue with the packaging. Sure enough when I opened my tin the two teas were hopelessly mixed together. When I let them know about it they were very quick to apologize and send a replacement, even including a bonus of purple red tea.

The difference in the dry leaves was really obvious here. The oolong had the characteristic deep green leaves in a tight ball shape of a Taiwanese oolong. The red tea was dark and in even tighter balls than the oolong.

Global Tea Hut June 2014 - Mi Xiang Oolong and Red Tea
Brewing two teas at once is a lot of work (and dishes)! I’m so glad that I reserve these shipments as my day off tea. I got so involved in what I was doing that I completely forgot about everything else that is going on in my life. It’s important to take a moment to really enjoy tea from time to time.

There was definitely a stark contrast in the colors of the brewed tea. The oolong was a pale gold while the red tea was more of a reddish dark amber.

The oolong opened up quite a bit more than the red tea which makes sense since it is not as heavily oxidized.
Both teas were very tasty, different sides of the same coin if you will. The oolong was aromatic and lingering while the red tea was earthy and sweet. Both shared a honey-like quality that I really enjoyed. It was interesting to compare them with each other because another thing that they had in common was texture. We don’t usually think of tea having a texture but it does. These both had the same silky smooth, somewhat thick mouth-feel.
I know I’ve raved about them here before but I really can’t recommend Global Tea Hut enough. The teas are carefully curated and delicious. Each shipment brings new surprises and tea knowledge. It is donation based so it’s really up to you how much you want to give to support their work. I’m looking forward to one day being able to visit their center in Taiwan.

Mi Xiang Oolong and Red Tea purchased through a paid Global Tea Hut subscription.

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