Friday Roundup: January 20th – January 26th

The Invoices of Autumn

I am a big fan of autumn flush teas from Darjeeling. This week Geoff from Steep Stories reviewed three different invoices of autumn teas from the Gopaldhara Estate. It sounds like I should definitely find myself some DJ-311.

How to Brew Puerh Tea, the Shou Edition

Georgia from Notes on Tea wrote an excellent guide to steeping shou puerh. This type of tea is relatively bomb proof but you can’t go wrong if you follow her recommendations.

Tea Craft Tuesday: Polymer Clay Tea Leaf Pendants

Lynn at My Tea Diary posted a tutorial for making tea leaf pendants. They were inspired by a fellow tea blogger and I have a feeling I know exactly who that was. I’ll have to get my hands on some fresh tea leaves so that I can make my own.

Puerh Trends We Need to Thrive in 2019

The puerh world is constantly changing sometimes for the better…and sometimes not so much. Ever the realist, Cwyn brings us a list of trends we need to thrive along with what we’ll probably get instead.

Mizuba Tea Yorokobi Matcha

Ricardo from My Japanese Green Tea reviewed an offering from one of my favorite matcha companies. Make sure that you check out his recent podcast episode where he interviewed Lauren too!

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