Friday Roundup: January 27th – February 2nd

UC Davis Global Tea Initiative Wants to Bust Myths About Tea and Health

Fresh Cup featured fellow blogger Anna’s coverage of the UC Davis Global Tea Initiative colloquium. This event has been on my wishlist for a few years and this year had some great speakers. I love their focus on science!

2016 white2tea (When They Go Low) We Go High & Spending More on Young Puerh

Matt of the aptly named blog MattCha gave us his thoughts on one of White2Tea’s popular puerh offerings. As a fan of young sheng, it definitely sounds like this one I need to try. Nineteen infusions and an overnight brew is impressive too.

Two Books to Get You Hooked on Japanese Tea

Jill from It’s More Than Tea discussed two books that focus specifically on Japanese tea. Her honest reviews outline their strengths and their faults. I definitely agree with her conclusion that they compliment each other nicely.

DIY: Green Tea Sheet Mask

I love sheet masks, especially when they have tea as an ingredient. This week, Michelle from One More Steep shared her instructions to make your own green tea sheet mask. I’ll have to see if I can find the materials to try it out for myself.

Hojicha Yoghurt Cake

Daniela from Tea Cachai posted a delicious sounding recipe that uses powdered hojicha. I love the savory element that the toastiness of this tea can bring. I’ve already added this one to my “Cooking with Tea” board on Pinterest.

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