Friday Roundup: April 15th – April 21st

Premium Tea Service: Song Tea

Mike at The Tea Letter shared his experience at Song Tea in San Francisco. I’ve been hearing from more and more tea friends lately that this is the place to see. $10 for a tasting that was this involved is a real steal! I think I would have had a hard time leaving the beautiful shop without a ton of teaware.

Yellow Thunder Yellow Tea by Steep Lab

Char over at Oolong Owl reviewed a yellow tea from a new company out of Texas. I always enjoy how she breaks down each infusion with detailed tasting notes. A gaggle of owl tea pets gets in on the action too. I love the winky one with leaves on his head! There are a few samples from them in my “to be reviewed” pile so keep an eye out for those on the blog soon.

Pu-erh Tiramisu

Daniela at Tea Cachai put together a recipe that sounds like an absolutely perfect combination. I enjoy tiramisu but at times the coffee flavor can be too overwhelming. Her rendition uses puerh instead, a perfect substitute for someone like me. I also love that she used sponge cake instead of the traditional ladyfingers.

2018 TRIP: Kyoto Tea Shops

I have so been enjoying following the Japanese tea adventures of Connie at Tea in Spoons. This week she takes us on a detailed tour of several of Kyoto’s tea shops. There are a few that I’ve heard of before, like Ippodo, but many that I haven’t. This is a post that I will definitely be referring to if I ever get to travel there.

Interview: Bruce Richardson of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas

Sara at Tea Happiness posted a fascinating interview this week with a tea industry great. I’ve read a number of his books on tea but I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Bruce Richardson. Regular readers of the Friday Roundup will recognize his blog, The Tea Maestro, as a regular fixture here. He was recently nominated for the 2018 John Harney Lifetime Achievement Award

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