Friday Roundup: April 22nd – April 28th

A tea adventure along the California coast

Anna at The Tea Squirrel never fails to wow me with her photography. This week she took her tea to for a hike in the great outdoors at Año Nuevo State Park. Nepali green pearls in the company of elephant seals is definitely quite the adventure but, as she found out, the logistics of tea while hiking can be tricky.

Green tea catechins and liver damage

There’s always an article about tea buzzing around the internet. Most are positive but the negative ones can really make me crazy. A recent report about the possibility of catechins in green tea causing liver damage has been making the rounds. Virginia at Virginia’s Pairteas tackled this issue in her blog post this week and it well worth the read.

$1000 Teforia Wedding

Congratulations are in order. Cwyn over at Cwyn’s Death by Tea was lucky enough to find a Teforia tea maker on eBay for a very nice price. She loves it so much that she declared it her new spouse! I sometimes wish I had jumped on that train but at the same time, I need another tea making device like I need a hole in the head. 

Tada Motokichi: The Father of Japanese Black Tea

I love learning something new, especially when it comes to tea. Ricardo at My Japanese Green Tea shared a fascinating bit of Japanese black tea history on his blog this week. Although I’ve tasted several black teas from Japan over the years, the region is much better known for their green teas like gyokuro and sencha.

My favourite tea-related YouTube channels

Cha Crusade shared a great list of some of their favorite tea related YouTubers. These channels are all ones that I am subscribed to and enjoy regularly. If you’re looking to learn more about tea, this is a great place to start. I really liked that they listed the strengths of each of the channels. They all have different perspectives and something unique to offer. 

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