Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: September 18th – September 24th

What am I Doing Wrong with my Tea?
Paul of +White2Tea shared a post on this blog that really hit home. Much ado is made of the process of making tea and it’s easy to feel that we’re doing it wrong, even if we enjoy the end result. His honest answer to this question is one that I think I’ll be sending to a lot of folks in the future.

Tea Bowl Series: 油滴茶碗 – “Oil Spot” Glazed Tea Bowl
+Oca Ocani of A Matcha Enthusiasts Diary continues her awesome tea bowl series with this installment on oil spot glazes. Tenmoku has become super trendy lately but I have to say that I’m really falling for this gorgeous style of teaware.

How to Brew Shincha
Shincha is one of my favorite kinds of Japanese tea but I definitely struggled with brewing it correctly when I first got started. Luckily for you guys, +Ricardo Caicedo wrote this handy dandy guide. I love that he advises following your own personal taste!

8 Things I like to do When I drink Tea
Nazanin at Tea Thoughts posted a totally relatable list of the things she does while drinking tea. Doing nothing and dreaming about whatever seasons it’s not are definitely some of my favorite past times. That sweater weather mug is too cute!

Getting Started with Loose Leaf Tea
Hoálatha at Cat Lait Tea put together a fantastic post on getting started with tea. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but sound advice like this will get anyone started off on the right foot. I really appreciate the realistic approach without being snobby or condescending.

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