Friday Round Up: September 11th – September 17th

Mooncake Brownie Bites
I was just drooling with scrolling through all of the wonderful pictures of mooncakes for the mid autumn festival. As luck would have it, +Bonnie Eng posted a recipe that sounds right up my ally. Brownies with tasty apricot centers? Yes, please!

The Taste of Water
MarshalN pontificated a bit on the effect that different types of water can have on our tea. This post reminded me of back in the day when all of the NYC tea shops were super proud of their shiny new reverse osmosis water systems.

MeiMei Fine Teas: Artisan Liu An Gua Pian (Sunflower Seeds) Green Tea, A Tea Review
+Alexsia Wilson wrote about one of my favorite Chinese green teas, Liu An Gua Pian. This tea doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves. I’ll definitely be giving this one from MeiMei Fine Teas a try soon.

Battle of the Beengs – Crimson Lotus Tea Edition
Cody at The Oolong Drunk pit two of +Crimson Lotus Tea‘s puerh beengs head to head. Beneath and Emerald Sea has been on my list for some time. Judging by his descriptions, I think that one would have been my pick.

What-Cha: Zheijiang Wild Dragon Well ‘Long Jing’ Green Tea
Ian from Tea and Zen prepared this fantastic sounding Dragonwell three different ways. I love the thoroughness! Grandpa style is definitely my go to for this type of tea but every once in a while I’ll brew it in my glass gaiwan.

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