Friday Round Up: May 29th – June 4th

Friday Round Up: May 29th – June 4th

Keep Calm and Gaiwan On
Who knew that +Geoffrey Norman had a bit of fashion blogger in him? He really nailed those stereotypical poses, gaiwan in hand of course.

Teavivre’s Fengqing Raw Pu-Erh 2006
Michelle over at One More Steep wrote about one of her first experiences with raw puerh. I love comparing notes with others (after tasting on my own of course).

Lapsang Souchong Old Fashioned
When I indulge in an alcoholic drink I tend to go for whiskey or bourbon. +Lu Ann Pannunzio shared a delicious sounding recipe from the new book Tea-Tails.

Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company: Honey Black Tea, A Tea Review
By now I think most of you are probably aware of my honey black tea obsession. +Alexsia Wilson reviewed one this week that is now definitely on the ever growing “to try” list.

Hooty Tea Travels – Perennial Tea Room in Seattle Pike Place Market
+Charissa Gascho found the owl themed teaware mother-load! I thought the name sounded familiar and then I remembered that I had read about +Geoffrey Norman‘s trip there a few years ago.