Friday Round Up: May 22nd – May 28th

Friday Round Up: May 22nd – May 28th

Matcha Tea Ceremony Utensils
+Georgia SS wrote a great post this week about some of the essential tools for preparing matcha. I really love the look of her chawan.

Podcast 030: Sharp Tea-Ceré
+Ricardo Caicedo interviewed the brand rep for Sharp about their super cool matcha machine. I’ve got one of these babies on loan for about a month and I’ll be sharing it with you all soon.

How to Eat a Scone Properly
+Jee Choe settles the great scone debate once and for all. It’s funny, I know scones should be eaten with your hands but it always felt a bit improper given the formalities of afternoon tea. I’m a cream first kind of girl too.

Japanese Dark Tea Tasting
+Heather Porter was lucky enough to do a tasting of fermented Japanese teas with Noli of Sugimoto. This is a little explored category but I’ve definitely seen an increased interest in it among my tea friends.

White 2 Tea Bulang Maocha 2005 Shou
Fine Tea Leaves is a blog I recently found out about through a Reddit post. I’ve really enjoyed reading their posts and am looking forward to more in the future.