Friday Round Up: March 19th – March 25th

2011 Braided Sheng Pu’er  Tea Review
+Charissa Gascho has a knack for finding the most unsual teas on Aliexpress. That site is a bit of a crapshoot but this cake was pretty unique. I’ve never seen leaves that are braided like that. Anyone know how that would affect aging?

Wymm Tea’s Menghai Wangshuji Shou Seventh Grade 2008
I really enjoy +Rah Rah‘s thorough reviews, especially the detailed breakdowns of each infusion. It seems that samples from Wymm Teas have been making their rounds in the tea blogging world. I know that I’ve been enjoying the batch that was sent to me.

Tea Shop – Seven Cups
I’m incredibly jealous because Maggie at Sonoran Tea Sprite got to visit a tea place that has always been on my wish list. Seven Cups in Tuscon, Arizona was a huge part of my discovery of tea. I’ll get there some day but I’ll live vicariously through her pictures for now.

A Tea Tasting with Silver Needle Tea Co.
I don’t about you guys but it makes me so happy to see to friends getting together. Whether it’s a few tweets or beautiful blog post (like +Jee Choe‘s). She met up with my friend Lucy of +Silver Needle Tea Co. to taste some of her delicious teas.

Qualifying as a Tea Ceremony Instructor
Tyas at +Tea Talk shared a very interesting post about the process of becoming an instructor with the Enshu Sado School of Tea. Congrats on the accomplishment! I’d love pursue a certification like this some day. I find them so much more appealing than the various “tea master” programs.

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