Friday Round Up: December 21st – Deccember 27th

Friday Round Up: December 21st – Deccember 27th

Mini Matcha Golden Toast
I had never heard of honey toast or brick toast until +Jee Choe posted about the one she had at Cha-An. She created this mini version and it sounds to die for.

Review: Teagora
+The Snooty Tea Person is always informative and entertaining. In her newest video she reviews three teas from +Teagora Teas. I wish I could be as comfortable talking to the camera as she is.

Yixing Teapots
The guys at +Tea DB have been bringing us some great InBetweenIsodes lately. I particularly enjoyed this super informative video from James about one of my favorite teaware items.

I’ll Fire You All for Christmas
The rantings and ravings of +Robert Godden always tickle my funny bone. This post in particular was very timely considering the news headlines lately 😛

Taste Calibration
MarshalN raises some interesting questions about water quality. I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to water quality. I rarely even filer my tap water because of it. My results have been quite the opposite while visiting relatives in other states.

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