Free Leaf Green Tea Rosebud

In the convenience store by work I had a neat tea find. It is basically a flowering tea on a string. So you get the benefits of the beauty  these teas have with the convenience of a tea bag. It didn’t exactly bloom, it just sort of puffed up. Flowering teas are how I started my own tea journey so I have a special soft spot for me. That being said, they are never made out of very good quality tea since that would sort of be a waste. While not super great tasting (way more rose than green tea), it was worth it just for the sake of my co-workers’ reactions. I manage a pet boutique so it was compared to the various things that come out of dogs. We all had a good laugh and I got some tea out of it too. These are made by Teance. Their shop is Berkley, CA has long been on my list of must-see tea places.