California Tea House Organic Darjeeling

Photo: California Tea House

Darjeeling teas have always fascinated me. While grown in India, the variety of tea is actually a China or China-hybrid rather than the native Assam. This was the first offering I have tried from California Tea House. It is a second flush tea, which means it was harvested in June. The leaves were partially broken and had an sweet, earthy aroma. I followed the manufacturer’s directions; using boiling water and steeped it for three minutes. The resulting brew had a bright amber color.

This tea had the typical fruity “muscatel” flavor profile of a Darjeeling but with an additional peppery element more common in Yunnan teas. A second infusion yielded a cup that was just as enjoyable as the first. I think steeping any longer than three minutes would make it too bitter. This tea truly hit the spot on a cold and rainy day like this. I would definitely recommend it. As always, I love an organic tea. I think behooves us as tea drinkers to consider the consequences that our purchases have for tea growing regions. Why drink pesticides when you can go without?

You can find out more about this tea here.

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