Aiya Tea Matcha Zen Café Blend

Country of Origin: Japan
Leaf Appearance: very fine green powder
Ingredients: green tea pre-blended with sugar
Preparation Method: mixed in a blender with ice and cold whole cows milk
Liquor: pale green

I got a chance to try some of this at World Tea East and it was delicious. Aiya was kind enough to give me a sample to take home. I prepared it as a smoothie but t can also be used to make lattes or mixed with water as is. I was afraid of messing up but it really couldn’t be easier. I use whole milk because I’m not  a fan of soy or skim milk but you could just as easily have used one those. The finished smoothie was refreshingly vegetal and sweet, definitely way better than anything you would get from Starbucks. There is sugar pre-blended with this matcha but it had just the right amount. The single serve packet made it super convenient. If only I had a blend at work! I would definitely recommend this tea.

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