Adagio Teas Jasmine Pearls (Pyramid Bag)

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: tightly rolled, mottled green
Ingredients: green tea
Steep time: 3 minutes
Water Temperature: 180 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic cup
Liquor: very pale green

This tea features hand rolled pearls of jasmine scented green tea in a pyramid bag. Even though it was in a pyramid bag, it was still wonderful to watch the leaves unfurl. They appeared very small at first but quickly filled the tea bag. The taste was lightly floral with just a hint of vegetal astringency. It had a very smooth mouthfeel. I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t perfumy or artificial at all. There was a lingering sweetness at the end of each sip. I’m a sucker for jasmine and this rendition is very well done. Overall I’ve been very impressed by the pryamid bag line from Adagio. I would definitely recommend this tea.