Thursday, November 6, 2014

Global Tea Hut: September 2014 - King of the Forest

I am terribly behind on tea reviews lately, so much so that I'm publishing September's Global Tea Hut post in November! King of the Forest is a 2013 puerh produced by the Mengku Shuanjiang factory. The leaves were part of a compressed cake but were still beautifully whole, even after making the journey to me from Taiwan. It has been a crazy past few months with a lot of ups and downs. Sitting down in my kitchen with nothing but this tea and one of my favorite yixing pots was a much needed moment of zen. The taste was robust and earthy but with a lot of sweetness as well.

The tea gift this month was a thicker magazine that was even more jam packed with articles than usual. Although the articles tend to have a Buddhist/spiritual lean, I learn something new with ever issue. It's helped to depend my understanding of this aspect of tea culture quite a bit. I really could not recommend their subscription enough. Not only do you receive a well put together magazine and sample of a special tea each month but you will also support the construction of their new center in Taiwan. I hope to be able to visit there some day (and a million other places!).

King of the Forest received through paid Global Tea Hut subscription.