Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker

My very thoughtful boyfriend bought me a Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker for Christmas. I’ve been wanting one ever since I saw one of these beauties in the Harney & Son’s shop in SoHo. It’s basically a really slow way to cold brew iced tea. I like it because cold brewed iced tea has next to no astringency. Not only does it make great tea but it’s also a conversation piece because everyone thinks it is a bong or some sort of moonshine contraption. After some experimenting I’ve discovered that it works great for green and oolong teas, not so much for black or white. I’ve been using it quite often even though it’s winter. I can definitely see us being BFF’s once the summer heat returns.

I was incredibly nervous about this but here is my first dorky and awkward video blog (took me long enough, huh?).

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