World Tea Expo 2014: Coming Home

Truth be told I was a bit sad to be returning home. Staying in the beach house with a bunch of crazy tea people was like going away to summer camp. After a very long flight spent watching Law & Order reruns, I took the long way home and crossed the Hudson River by ferry. As much as I loved my stay in California, nothing quite beats that view in my book.

Of course, what tea trip would be complete without some suitcase spillage? The +Adagio Teas crew was kind enough to gift me a jar full of their Black Dragon Pearls at the end of the show. The lid came off in transit and they spilled everywhere! At least it was a bit easier to clean up than when I’ve had loose leaf spill in the past.

And then there’s the obligatory haul photo. I really didn’t collect that many samples but then, that wasn’t my goal. There is too much tea waiting to be reviewed as is. However, I did get a few things that I can’t wait to dig into. Hei cha samples from Tea Source and a goodie bag from +Geoffrey Norman will be among the first to be enjoyed.

All in all this expo was a fantastic experience. I talked to a ton of people and hopefully made some new connections. It’s a shame that most of my tea friends live so far away because they are some really awesome people. Next year will be much closer to home in Philadelphia so I will definitely be there. Now it’s back to the grind as usual.

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