Tea Places: Laughing Man Coffee & Tea – North End Avenue

+Laughing Man Coffee & Tea has been on my wish list for some time. For those of you who don’t know, +Hugh Jackman is one of the founders. I finally got a chance to visit since I’ve started taking the ferry to work on weekends. Although there was not a huge selection, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they offered about twelve different loose leaf teas. It was a rather warm day I wanted something light and refreshing. Bai Mu Dan sounded like it would hit the spot so I ordered a cup of that along with a raisin scone.

The staff was a bit harried but friendly. I must say that I think they have one of funniest tip jars that I’ve seen in the city. No one wants to see a child get a mullet but everyone appreciates a good giggle in the morning. Was it the best cup of tea that I’ve had? Not by a long shot but it was very drinkable. The scone was a huge! It was a little bit dry but otherwise very tasty.

I liked that they double cupped it and left the lid off. I also prefer fold over tea bags like this one to a dripping T-Sac that most coffee shops in the city use. I am often near this area so now I will have a go to spot that helps me to avoid feeding my chronic Starbucks addiction. It’s also located right next door to one of my favorite monuments, the Irish Hunger Memorial. I’ve included a few photos below of that spot because it really is beautiful.

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