World Tea Expo 2013 Roundup

My plans to attend the World Tea Expo fell through this year so I experienced it vicariously through all of my friends in the tea world. Since I wasn’t able to report on it myself, I thought that I would post a round up of all of their blog posts. If I missed anyone please let me know in the comments so that I can add it!

World Tea Expo Day 1
World Tea Expo Day 2
World Tea Expo Day 3

An International Tea Moment
A 2013 World Tea Expo Overview Moment – Day 1
A 2013 World Tea Expo Overview Moment – Day 2

Pre-World Tea Expo Prep
New Favorites at World Tea Expo 2013
Get the Most out of World Tea Expo

Scandalous Tea
A Vision Complete World Tea Expo 2013

Steep Stories
The Infusiast’s Book Launch and a Meeting of Beasts – A Vegas Tea Party, Day 1
“What Happens at Expo…” – A Vegas Tea Party, Day 2
Beer, U.S. Grown Tea, and Lunchroom Mixers – A Vegas Tea Party, Day 3
Workshops, Bandsaws, and Keemun Against Humanity – A Vegas Tea Party, Conclusion

Straight From the Leaf
What Happens in Vegas

Tea Biz
Tea Business Boot Camp

Tea with Gary
If I learn just one new thing

World Tea Expo 2013 (Preview)

The Cup of Life
How to Create Your Own World Tea Expo at Home

The Devotea’s Tea Sprouts
Up in the Air
Enter and Exit: World Tea Expo
What happens in Vegas stays on Tea Trade

The Tea Stylist
“Taste’s Like Tea”, Infusions and Diatribes from the Inimitable Devotea
World Tea Expo Saturday June 8, Day 2
World Tea Expo 2013: Sunday June 9 Day Three

Vegas is hot, but tea is hotter

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