Two Leaves Tea Tamoyokucha Green Tea

Photo: Two Leaves Tea

I  picked this tea up from my local Morten Williams because I was in serious need of a decent tea to use at work. The bags were the silken pyramid shape that has become thankfully become quite common. Inside was a generous helping of leaves that resembled sencha in both appearance and aroma.  I brewed it using boiling water that was allowed to cooled slightly. I found it to be pretty forgiving as far as water temperature and steep time.  I’ve gotten caught up with customers several times and it didn’t become astringent or bitter.

The leaves expand quite a bit and it’s a bit surreal watching a bright green triangle floating in my cup. This tea is sweet and vegetal with a pleasant aftertaste. The only complaint that I might have is that this tea gives me caffeine jitters if I have more than one cuppa. I found that a bit odd since I often consume copious amounts of strong black tea without having that affect. I would definitely recommend this tea and plan to try some of their other selections the next time I need to restock.

You can find out more about this tea here.

Note: This company name has changed since the time of this review but to my knowledge the tea is the same.

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