Teavana Green Embossed Lotus Infuser Mug

My secret Santa gave me this infuser mug from Teavana along with a couple of teas that will be reviewed soon. I’ve actually had a similar type of cup before but gave it away to a friend. Not only is this one a good deal prettier but it includes the all important saucer. I like to use it to hold the infuser after steeping since it really prevents me from spilling tea everywhere. I’m way too clumsy to perch it on the lid as pictured. The holes in the infuser are a little big but it worked very well for larger leaved teas like Ooooh Darjeeling from Adagio (also a review coming soon).

The porcelain was the elusive perfect thickness that keeps the tea hot but allows it to cool enough so as to be comfortable for drinking. Oddly enough the feature that I enjoyed the most was the handle. It has the most ingenious design. There is a bend in it that makes a perfect knuckle rest while also keeping your skin away from the hot teacup. I would definitely recommend it to any tea drinker, just keep your leaf size in mind. Something like rooibos (or most herbal teasans for that matter) would fall right through the strainer. Now to fight the urge to buy it in more colors…

You can find out more about this infuser mug here.

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