Tea Places: La Maison du Macaron

I have been craving macaroons lately but hadn’t been able to get to New York due to all of the craziness caused by Hurricane Sandy. I finally made the trek yesterday and stopped into La Maison du Macaron on west 23rd street. The cozy little shop had a rainbow colored case full of delicious sounding pastries. Their tea menu was small but I loved that they noted which estates and regions each tea was from. I selected the sencha along with three macaroons (pumpkin, pink champagne and lavender).

The seating area was small and a little crowded but comfortable. The staff was friendly but a little harried as the shop was fairly busy. My sencha was loose leaf but was served in a large fill-your-own style tea bag. I didn’t mind because there was plenty of room for the leaves to expand. It was vegetal, sweet and the perfect day for a beautiful fall day. Macaroons are always expensive but sometimes it’s nice to indulge a little, especially when tea is involved. I used to work really close to this location and it’s a good thing they were not open back then because I would have been broke! I’ll definitely be returning the next time I am in the area.

You can find out more about La Maison du Macaron here.