Tandem Tea Tasting: Maison de thè THEODOR Je T’aime

I’ve been so busy lately that I never even got around to blogging about last month’s group tasting. February’s was unique in that it took place on a Sunday morning and because we were joined by +Xavier Lugherini. The time differences when gathering tea drinkers across the country and bridging continents can make things difficult. Thankfully we scheduled things just before I had to leave for work so I was able to join from the comfort of home.

Xavier generously sent us all samples of tea from Maison de thè THEODOR with the assistance of +Jackie D. Since time was restricted I opted for a tea called Je T’aime because it was flavored like macarons. If I can’t eat one of my favorite treats, I might as well drink it! I also thought the name was particularly appropriate as Valentine’s Day drew near (it means I love you). The usual laughs and camaraderie ensued but eventually we got around to the tea.

The base was a fairly mellow black tea accompanied by interesting floral and nutty notes. They seemed to alternate a bit between almond and pistachio, though I’m not sure I was have picked up the pistachio if someone else had not mentioned it first. It was very much in style of teas that I’ve tried from other French retailers like Le Palais des Thés. Although this is not the kind of tea that I usually drink, it was nice to take a bit of a break from the norm. I did not get to try the Thé Du Loup but it is something that I will look forward to drinking at another time.

+Darlene Meyers-Perry seemed to really enjoy these teas as did +Jo J, and +Rachana Rachel Carter.  +Geoffrey Norman was noticeably missed as he had to work but I think his post is fantastic so make sure that you give it a read! Although not she is not a blogger we were also joined by the lovely Julia, aka +Tea Temptress.

+Geoffrey Norman of Steep Stories, “All’s Fair in Love and Wolves” – An Open Letter to the Tandem Tea Tasters
+Rachana Rachel Carter of +iHeartTeasFrom Paris with JE T’AIME (Love)
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+Jo J of Scandalous Tea, Tandem Tea Tasting Vive la France
+Xavier Lugherini of Teaconomics, Drink me I’m famous

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