Synergy Drinks GT’s Original Raw Kombucha

Country of Origin: not listed
Ingredients: organic kombucha
Preparation Method: bottled
Liquor: deep gold

I’ve always been terrified of kombucha but my recent success with the Celestial Seasonings Energy Shots made me want to explore it a bit more. Kombucha is a drink that is made from fermented tea. Although this bottled version isn’t flavored, I was amazed at how wonderfully fruity and sweet it was. It was lightly effervescent and really refreshing. The culture gathered at the bottom grossed some of my family out but for some reason it did not bother me. Kombucha is loaded with beneficial bacteria so I was really happy that I actually like it. I’ll definitely be trying more varieties in the future. Maybe I’ll even get brave enough to make my own some day.

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